Don’t try to make confusing medical decisions alone

Have you just been diagnosed with cancer and want help making decisions regarding what options are right for you?

Or have you been told by your doctor that there’s nothing else they can do for you?

Have you decided that you don’t want surgery, chemo or radiation?

Are you going through chemo but are feeling horrible, wishing you knew what to do to feel better?

Are you looking for more effective options to deal with your cancer?

All of these scenarios are scary to deal with.

You have family, friends or doctors to talk to but you still feel confused, scared, doubtful and unsure about the best thing to do.

Talk to someone who knows a lot about cancer, cancer research, cancer clinical trials, complementary treatments that go along with chemo, effective alternative treatments for cancer, supplements for cancer, ways to feel better during chemo and so much more.

Have our coaches hold your hand and help guide you through this process, so most importantly, you make it out ALIVE and make it back to healthy as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our coaches are all health professionals (naturopathic doctors, PhD medical scientists, medical doctors, nutritionists, etc.) We will take the time to understand your unique situation and preferences. Then we will talk through all your possible options to figure out which ones are right for you.

Our coaches are knowledgeable in a wide range of cancer-related topics and keep up with the new cancer research studies that are published daily, which most oncologists don’t have the time to read.

Our Coaches Consider:

Common Options

● Chemotherapy
● Radiation
● Surgery

Cutting Edge Practices

● Genotyping tumors
● Targeted therapies
● Newer medications

Clinical Trials

● New drugs
● New best practices
● Trials currently enrolling patients

Complementary Therapies

● Reduce side effects of drugs
● Improve effectiveness of common therapies

Alternative Therapies

● Diet
● Herbs and supplements
● Lifestyle changes
● Visualizations

Cancer Clinics

● Holistic
● Alternative
● Complementary

No matter what type of treatment you decide on, we will guide you through every step along the way. You will have all your questions answered. And with every new change or development in your health or care, you will have someone to help you think through all your options.

This isn’t a one-time conversation that gives you lots of ideas…this is having our world-class, knowledgeable cancer coaches by your side for 6 full months to help you get back to being healthy.

Your 6-Month Cancer Coach Membership includes weekly check ins with your coach and monthly coaching calls plus 24/7 email access to all the coaches for the low monthly fee of $247.



If you need your coach to be involved with every step of your routine and care, there is the 6-Month Platinum Cancer Coach Membership with daily check ins with your coach, weekly phone calls, your coach speaking directly to your doctors, and phone access to coaches whenever you need them for the monthly fee of $997. Click below to sign up for this higher level membership.