Chemotherapy is poison. Your oncologist is essentially trying to kill the cancer cells with chemo before the chemo kills all the rest of cells in the body, and thereby kills you! With that in mind, as soon as you receive a chemotherapy treatment, your mission is to flush the poison out your body as quickly as possible. Once chemo is inside you, it starts killing the cancer cells, but if it is inside you too long it is also killing lots of healthy cells.

The top 3 chemo secrets to flush it out are:

  1. Rinse it out: drink lot of water and coconut water to urinate the poison out, plus drink lots of homemade vegetable soups to increase hydration
  2. Wash it away: take Epsom salts bath to flush the chemo out via the skin (include ginger to further open your pores and make this more effective)
  3. Sweat it out: sweat the chemo out any ways you can, such as by using a sauna, exercising, sitting outside in the sun, doing hot yoga or not wearing any antiperspirants

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