Doctors are just humans, subject to having a bad day, being distracted, doing a poor job and making a mistake. Unfortunately, far too often, we believe everything our doctors tell us without ever questioning it. I’m not saying to mistrust all doctors. I’m just saying take your health into your own hands and make sure that you are getting an accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and not being exposed to any unnecessary risks. Yes, double check everything.

Here are just a few situations to question and look into for yourself, maybe even get a second opinion on:
1. Any diagnosis of a disease or condition
2. The prescription of medication
3. The recommendation of surgery or a procedure
4. Any treatment or therapy
5. A recommendation NOT to do anything about a disease or condition
6. A referral to have a major or expensive test done

I’m writing this on a plane on my way back home from my uncle’s funeral. His death was clearly a result of medical negligence. He had esophageal cancer, opted for chemotherapy and radiation, during which he became really ill from “too high of a chemo dose” as admitted to by his oncologist. Fortunately, he recovered and was doing well. During a follow up visit months later his oncologist said she saw spots on his lungs but said he wasn’t well enough for another round of chemo with the drugs she had available to her. But yet, weeks later she started him on a chemo medication anyways. Days after his first dose of chemo, he was very ill and was admitted to hospital. After a few days in hospital he passed away.

That’s an extreme example, but I really don’t want you to be a statistic like this, even in a minor way. Cancer patients can keep themselves safe and healthy by having a cancer coach to help them critically evaluate their doctor’s recommendations. Get yourself a cancer coach now.